Having an agent represent you in conversations with a builder can have several advantages, and it's important that you include your agent prior to setting up an appointment. If you wish to be represented, builders typically require that your agent be present and register at the first contact.
Remember, the sales agent at your appointment is working for the builder and is bound by law to do what is in the best interest of his/her client - the builder. He or she will likely be honest with you, but is always working in the best interests of the party on the other side of the transaction. 
A buyer's agent can review listings to see if owners who bought previously in the community are currently selling units they've bought so that you have a more complete picture of what's available. Your agent may also be able to provide information about the builder's other developments and experience with past clients.  
Did you know that builders write their own contracts and generally do not use the standard regional contract?  Having a buyer's agent costs you nothing, and can serve as an important resource to help you review the builder's contract. An agent can also help alert you to the unique risks involved in new construction contracts, and may even be able to negotiate a better deal for you.  

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